If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Media & Entertainment

A new digital paradigm isn't necessarily a death sentence for print publishers. A complete overhaul in how they think, plan, operate, and define success in all aspects of their business can strengthen their brand, grow readership, and increase revenues.

Social Media Management

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Real Estate

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


Marketing & Sales

Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn about and buy products, in both developed and emerging markets. At the same time, a powerful arsenal of commercial data and tools is now available. Leading companies are transforming their marketing, sales, and revenue functions. With low risk and high returns, transforming how you go to market can generate great value for you and your customers.

Technology & Digital

Across industries, technology is changing everything. It’s become embedded in products and services and is essential for core processes and service delivery. CEOs and business leaders must ask: How can we manage digital innovation, digitize and support the core business, and reduce complexity and risk? How do we accelerate the digital transformation? How do we create value with our technology function—now and in the future?

Corporate Structure & Finance

Every company wants to create strong and sustainable value for its owners. But that requires making intelligent, often subtle, trade-offs—between pursuing growth and focusing on margins, between reinvestment and shareholder payouts, and in how to allocate capital and other resources across the portfolio. Find out what it takes to build a strong business and get rewarded for it in the capital markets.


As operations become increasingly globalized and supply chains grow more complex, businesses must become more cost efficient and effective at delivering what their customers need and want. Customer demand for product innovation stretches resources and challenges traditional modes of operating. Leading companies embrace collaboration, pursue integration, and enhance capabilities—ensuring success in any business climate.


Globalization presents unparalleled business opportunities, but the threat of disruption looms large. Many companies have built sizable international footprints, yet struggle to maximize their potential in the face of changing markets, evolving consumer profiles, and the rising local competitors. Winning globally can be an incredible source of value creation, but it takes hard work, commitment, and a fundamental transformation of many organization functions.

Change Management

The pace of business is accelerating, and companies must change in response. Yet 50-75% of change programs fail. Companies that implement change effectively give themselves a significant competitive edge by focusing on the factors that are essential to success: ensuring Executional Certainty; establishing effective sponsorship, governance, and a program management office (PMO); enabling the extended leadership team; and engaging the broader organization.


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